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  • Staryo – EXY74BM珊瑚红
  • Staryo – EXY73GS月光白
  • Staryo – EXY73GS橄榄绿
  • Staryo – EXY73GS流光黑
  • Staryo – EXY73GS珊瑚红
  • Staryo – EXY74BM月光白
  • Staryo – EXY74BM橄榄绿
  • Staryo – EXY74BM流光黑
  • Staryo – EXY74BM珊瑚红
  • Staryo – EXY75GM月光白
  • Staryo – EXY75GM橄榄绿
  • Staryo – EXY75GM流光黑
  • Staryo – EXY75GM珊瑚红

Staryo – Bar Stool

The STARTO office chair seems to have taken inspiration from Adidas sneakers and incorporated the concept of foot-arch protection into its design. The result is a sleek and dynamic curve that offers users a comfortable sitting experience for up to 8 hours a day, similar to the comfort provided by a pair of sneakers.

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