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Ten Tips for Energetic and Healthier Workplace

Are you seated at your table right now? Don’t move a little and look at your position. You are either drooping your back on the chair or you are curved over being too close to your phone or laptop. You merely do these things without intention and won’t realize the after-effects of it. It has been observed through research that our bad posture at the desk can adversely affect our long-term health, causing problems like energy slumps and constant back pain.

In the past ten years, ergonomics has turned out to be an important factor while designing the workplace and businesses are focusing on the impact of poor ergonomics on the productivity, wellbeing, health and the attitude of the employees. Ergonomics is being utilized to solve the massive increase in the rate of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in recent years. No matter how great the workplace has been designed, it is recommended for employees to make sure that they are using sound ergonomics at their workplaces.

Fortunately, there are some alterations you can make right away that will make your working atmosphere a lot better. Here are 10 tips for the employers as well as the employees, to keep the environment strong, productive and ergonomic.


Don’t sit still

Make it sure that you are not making the same posture or position for a long period. Stand up, walk around the workplace or do some light workout for a few seconds or minutes each hour. Keep a check on your sitting style every often, and get back to a straight back position.


Pick ergonomic flexible chairs

Make sure that you are choosing a chair with adjustable back support. When it comes to ergonomics, single-sized chairs do not fit all employees. For the perfect design and most comfortable chairs, make sure to take a look at Global Office World’s Mesh Chairs that gives the highest level of comfort and affordability.


Keep a good posture

Whether you are working from home or a corporate office, the foremost ergonomic condition is creating a good working posture at the workplace. Make sure you don’t curve or slump your back and instead make your back straight while keeping your feet resting on the floor, and knees/elbow set at 90 degrees.


Avoid eye draining

Make sure that you are closing your eyes often to help yourself avoid eye draining. There is a

Popular tip for it called 20-20-20 rule. It says every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break from focusing on your monitor. One can also reduce the brightness of your screen.


The appropriate position of the monitor

The position of your monitor screen should be directly in front of you, with the midpoint of the screen at the level of an eye. If you are working in front of the monitor screen, your shoulders and neck must be in a comfortable and neutral position.


Sit-Stand Desk

Nowadays, Sit-Stand desks are a significant component in maintaining an ergonomic workplace. It has been observed that intermittent standing upsurges productivity by a reduction in work-break time. The height of the desktop can be accustomed by a touch of a button by the altitude of the user and anticipated comfort level.


Position of Keyboard and Mouse 

The position of keyboard and mouse should be placed where they can be used without troubling any of the rules related to neutral positioning.


Take short breaks

Long hours of sitting, may cause damage, even if you are sitting in a good posture. Normally, the bods can resist being in a single position for about 20 minutes before it needs to be re-settled. Take two or more 30-60 second breaks after each hour to make your body free from any kind of stress.


Reducing Repetitive motions 

Mostly, MSDs are caused by repetitive moments. It has been observed that repeating the same task over and over again causes stress. The only way to overcome this problem is by shifting tasks. If the change of task is impossible then the individual often changes the positions he is using.


Dynamic Ergonomic Challenges 

Each office environment is different, so does its employees and the ergonomics challenges. The most appropriate way to get the exact information is purely asking the working employees for the problems they are facing and the changes they think to be made. Several pieces of researches are being issued on workplace wellness and ergonomics. This will assist you to regulate how the workplace can repeatedly integrate ergonomics into your wellness program to guarantee a stress-free work environment and improved output.

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